Busca Vida 50 ml.

Busca Vida 750 ml.

Friend´s Drink for 19 years!

The year was 1998, and Busca Vida was conceived as a cachaça-based drink that should represent the Brazilian soul, to be tasted smiling, together with all of our country's joy.

Then, the Brazilian handmade cachaça, lime and a touch of honey were blended in its secret formula. And after years of handcraft production and a extremely thoughtful industrialization process, Busca Vida ended up launching a new category of beverages in Brazil, while keeping its original taste and being produced only with natural ingredients.

Nowadays, celebrating Brazilian arts and fashion, Busca Vida is present at the best bars, restaurants, night clubs, high-end stores and Duty Free Stores in Brazil. And remains cheering up what is most essential in our country: the smile, the joy and celebration that happen naturally; the love that is always explicit!

For 19 years now, our hearts cheer together!

Viva a Busca!